UBC Auditions

Welcome to UBC Auditions. We, at Universal Ballet Competition want to provide occasions for the dancers to not only be seen by world renowned dance programs, but also provide directors a chance to choose from some of the top up and coming dancers for their programs. Therefore, each season we host the UBC Auditions which is a virtual platform in which dancers submit headshot, a video, and then perform live classes at our regional events. This platform is a way for institutions to recruit new dancers for their program and possibly provide scholarships and acceptances to registered dancers.

This website was also created to give students 16 years an older attending Universal Ballet Competition the opportunity to be viewed by directors from Dance Colleges, Professional Schools and Companies through an online dance class. These directors will be viewing the classes throughout the weekend with the possibility of awarding scholarships to their programs and/or potential company opportunities. We wish all the students taking the class all the best for the future.

If you are a student wishing to take part in the class please click on the Student Portal to register. If you are a director of a Professional School, Company or University Program and wish to offer scholarships/contracts please click on the Director Portal to register for free to view the audition class, student's headshots and a short audition video and student information.

To confirm your dancer registration, a payment of $ 50.00 is required. Our apologies in advance but due to the limited space for this class there will be no refunds issued. You may contact us within 90 days of the registration date if you wish to change your city or request a credit for a future audition class.

This audition class is only for Competitive Level students and must be at least 16 years of age as of January 1, 2025. Dancers must be competing at the corresponding semi-finals event in order to attend the UBC Auditions class and register for this program.