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Welcome to UBC auditions. We are honored that you have decided to be a part of the online companies and schools that will take part in the UBC Online audition class. PLEASE NOTE THE DIRECTOR REGISTRATION IS ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL COMPANIES, COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES AND SCHOOLS. DIRECTORS OF NON PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS PLEASE REGISTER AS A GUEST TO VIEW THE CLASSES. THIS CLASS IS PRE-RECORDED SO YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO GO BACK OR FORWARD AT ANY TIME. Please check the boxes if you are a school, company, or college. Once you have registered, your profile will be verified and approved and then you will be able to view the classes. You may view as a wide shot and also a close up camera shot. At the bottom of the viewing page you will see the head shots of all the dancers taking that location's class. By clicking on the Dancer's images you will be able to see more information about that dancer. If there is a dancer you are interested in offering a scholarship, contract and/or invitation to, the next step is to contact us by email at There you can let us let us know the name/number of the dancer you are interested in and what you would like to offer as far as opportunity to your program. The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday evening on the last day of the competitions. We would ask if you are interested in offering any scholarships, contracts or invitations to contact us by 2:00 pm so Universal Ballet Competition can announce these at the awards ceremony. If you have certificates we can present, please email those to us by 2:00 pm so we can print for the awards. Thank you again for being a part of UBC Auditions.

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